How to break a circle into thirds segments

Hello, I have been watching the tutorials on breaking a circle into segments, but can anyone advise me how to break half a circle into thirds segements as I can’t work it out

How are you breaking the original circle into segments? If you’re able to do that without issue, try breaking the original circle into sixths, and then deleting half of them. You’ll be left with three one-third segments of a half circle.

The way I would go about doing this is by creating a circle, drawing a radius line within it, then using the ‘Circular Array’ tool to produce 6 copies of the line.


On second thought, you can just array the radius with three copies, ending at 180 degrees.

Thavk you, I will try this tomorrow. I was using the tutorial but it only shows quarters and I couldn’t find a way to get the lines to snap at the right degree around the circle, but I’ll give this a try!

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