How to catalog graphic files?

Anyone know a method of printing a catalog of your graphic files?
i.e. svg, eps, vectors…
Thanks in advance

There are probably dozens of different ways to do this.

You can import all the graphics into a document and shrink them and name them.
You can screen shot directories with large thumbnails and import those into a document. It really depends how ‘finished’ you would like the catalog to be.

If you save them as jpg images and pop them in a folder, you can print the thumbnails

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I know it’s an old topic. But this might be helpful as it was for me. I have so many designs.
[Create A LIbrary in LightBurn]( Creating An Art Library in Lightburn the EASY way! - YouTube)

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I decided that I had too many files for a printed copy.

Instead I went with Adobe Bridge. It is free! It will catalog a directory structure and allow me to assign keywords to JPG, PNG, etc. Now I can start Bridge and select “Spring” and “Sign” and “Bunny” and see thumbnails of all files with these keywords. I can click on one and see it full screen. When I find the one, I want I can they have Bridge open a Windows explorer window showing all the files in that folder.