How to check how many hours your laser has been working?

I am sure I seen it somewhere but cant seam to find it again. I thought there was a simple way to see total use time on your machine.

Looking at your profile I see you have a Full Spectrum Laser. Have you changed the controller of this system as LightBurn does not work with the FSL stock setup. I am not familiar with their controller menu system or where they might expose this information if tracked.

For Ruida controller (RDC6445):
System Info - Select the “System Info” entry under the controller setting interface, press the <Enter> button, and then pop up the interface as follows:

Total on time(h:m:s): 99999:59:59
Total processing time(h:m:s): 99999:59:59
Prev processing time(h:m:s): 99999:59:59
Total laser on time(h:m:s): 99999:59:59
Total processing times: 9999999
X total traval(m): 9999999
Y total traval(m): 9999999
Mainboardversion: RDC-V15.01.00

Press the <Enter> key to read motherboard information. Press the <Esc> key to return to the previous menu.

thankyou, yes I did change the controller to a Ruida and am very glad I did. Using the Ruida with Lightburn is so much better.

These parameters might be in slightly different locations depending on the controller model number and documentation for these controllers can be found on the main Ruida site.

Access through RDW as this information is not currently exposed in LightBurn but on the list to do.

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