How to close open shapes?

Hello, I have a problem with an open form. I would like to engrave it, so I’m going to fill it. However, I get an error message saying that a shape is not closed and that two elements (presumably the two circles) are affected.

What do I have to do to close the two ends of the circle? I have already drawn a small line from the upper to the lower circle on both sides. The line was exactly at the ends of the circle but I still got the error message.

How do I close open shapes correctly?

wedding_7.lbrn2 (171,0 KB)

I would just use node edit and connect the ends.

Grab node on bottom and drag it up and connect to upper line node on both sides.
If you leave fill on in cuts/layers you will know when shape is closed.

Short answer: With node editing

Read/search the documentation and watch YouTube videos with LightBurn and editing nodes. Honestly, that’s going to be the quickest path to success!

Example video
Official Lightburn:

In addition to the great video suggestion above, we recently released another one about open and closed shapes:

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