How to combine objects?

Is there a way for me to make the rose petals a part of the stem and then have a back/ seperate layer for a background of the rose part of the flower?

If you can show us what you are after, we can provide some suggested workflows. In general, look to the Boolean Tools to combine shapes. Modifier Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation :slight_smile:

Here is the finished product

I would like to cut off the circled part and exchange it with the rose petals,

I want the thin cutout to be part of the stem layer.

Share your LightBurn file and we can help show you how to accomplish. Basically, you could delete the section you want to remove using ‘Cut Shapes’ or ‘Node Edit’ tools, then move the rose to where you want and use Boolean to join it to the stem path.

Rose with Name on Stem.lbrn2 (75.9 KB)
Is this the file?

I used your top image to Trace, so I could try editing for you. Here is what I did.

Trace Image to produce the shape paths. Then use ‘Node Edit’ to remove the segments shown circled in red.

Once edited, select the upper flower outline shape alone and delete. Then move the rose shape to the new, desired location. Then use the Node Edit tools to add 2 new nodes that will be used to make the connection and delete what is between those new nodes.

You can now drag the stem nodes to snap onto the newly inserted nodes, completing and closing the stem/rose outer shapes.

Attached is my work in several stages which might be of assistance.
Combine Shapes_1.lbrn2 (86.3 KB)

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Beautiful - but probably very fragile…

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your time in explaining the steps. I learned a lot.

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Here I edit your file using Node Edits.


Place rose shape in desired location, ungroup and edit outer shape nodes again to join.



Rose with Name on Stem-1(edited).lbrn2 (66.4 KB)

Is this what you are after? :slight_smile:

Rose with Name on Stem-2.lbrn2 (255.7 KB)

… also an option but with the same tools :wink:
(the difference is that I use an offset to match flower head with stems and leaves)

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Yes thats exactly it! Thank you very much

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Thank you as well. It’s good to know there are a few ways to do it.

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