How to control ORTUR laser 2 using python program?

Hi to all,

I would like to know how to control ORTUR laser 2 using the program.
currently, I am trying to find some issue while upload the CSV file to control laser manuvally.
does anyone have answers and ideas please assist me.

thanking you,
Chunduri Srinath

I’m afraid I don’t understand. LightBurn is a program that will control your laser directly. What does a python program have to do with us?

When you say this, are you asking about using LightBurn to read and replace words/names/numbers from a CSV based file, allowing you to merge a CSV file into your design?

If so, this should help a bit more: Variable Text Basics - LightBurn Software Documentation

CSV / Merge text format: Variable Text Formats - LightBurn Software Documentation


Yes, LightBurn used to control the laser. But the laser is used to engrave only.

For my project, I have to control the laser according to my inputs. Here I need to strike the laser at a particular position only but it was not possible for me to do that.
so, I need to control the laser by writing a program and dump that program to ORTUR laser.

Ex:- I need to take a photo of plants and separated the good and bad plats using green and red dots.
then I will import that image to the LightBurn software and used the laser to strike only red dots.
But it the laser striking entire image. but I don’t need that.
I need a laser to strike only red dots. is it possible to do that by writing program and feed to that.

Thanking you.

No, i am asking to control laser according to my data given in the form of image.

LightBurn has a fairly minimal command line interface through UDP commands to do things like launch the program and launch the program + load a file, but that is about it. You can read about it here:

We do not support the level of scripting you requested at this time.

The Ortur laser accepts pretty generic GCode sent over a serial connection. You don’t really need LightBurn at all for this. You could generate the GCode in your python program and send it directly to the Ortur yourself.

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