How to create angled sides on an engraving

I am using the laser to make printing blocks for woodblock printing. Traditionally the laser removed wood where we don’t want to print so the transition from printing area to non-printing area is close to a right angle transition. Is there a way to get the laser to leave an angled transition so that there is wood left to support a small piece of printing area with a more solid foundation beside it?

I do not know of any machine than can tilt the head all 4 directions to produce a cone. Or something like Devil’s Tower in the western U.S.

How about doing 2 layers…

  1. Deepest burn, slightly offset from the finish position.
  2. Shallow burn that gives the finish outline to the text. That would create a step looking at it vertically.

I think this is what you’re looking for:


Sorry to step in.
Check this post.

With the file you could check the effect then do your tests.