How to create mockup with wood background for customers before print


I am moving towards generating some revenue from my diode laser finally after a lot of practice i past 3-4 months.

First, roadblocks I am facing is that since I’m starting new and customer does not have a confidence, he wants to see the his image being shown to him how exactly it’ll look when put on wood.

I’m sure Lightburn must have a feature to export grainy image(after dithering) as transparent png/svg to be put on the picture of wood frame image, so that the wood grains peek through the picture and create a realistic look. But I do’nt know how to do it …

I guess its a common requirement for creating mockups for website too…

Can everyone please help the tools/methods they are using in lightburn to achieve the same ?


You can save the processed bitmap by either:

  1. File->Save Processed Bitmap
  2. Right-click on image and Save Processed Bitmap
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