How to create new Layer

How do i create a new layer, as i do not see the option.

i am new and do not understand ANYTHING on lighburn :frowning:

When you select an object, and then select a color from the list, probably on the bottom, that makes a new layer. Each layer can be a line [usually a cut] or a fill [usually an engrave] I suggest you go through the training videos on Lightburn’s site. There are a LOT of videos on Youtube also.

Welcome. We provide documentation and videos on YouTube that can help walk through many of the features and basic operation of LightBurn, all worth review. We find making your way through this Simple Project helps to bring it all together. Do that project as a start. :slight_smile:

As Patrick identifies, when you have a shape selected, you can choose to place it on any Layer by clicking on the color palette normally found at the bottom of the LightBurn screen. Beginner Walkthrough - LightBurn Software Documentation

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