How to cut 4 words

OK, let’s pretend the 4 words are “Ole Farmer John Smith”

I want that to be layer 1 that will sit on top of layer 2 when both pieces are cut out. I’m trying to make a refrigerator magnet.

I typed out the name, and did a Offset, and cut the offset out.

Now when I cut the 4 words it’s not one solid piece. I was going to paint that top piece and glue it to the 2nd offset piece.

Not sure how to articulate what I’m trying to do. I hope someone understands what I’m trying to accomplish.

I’m confused, are you trying to cut out two of the same sized words and glue them together? One smaller, one bigger? Are the letters of each word supposed to be cut in one piece? Maybe if you could post the .lbrn file, or the saved image from preview, that might help figure out what you are trying to accomplish.

This is a font issue. Few font letters are connected, making it one piece. I am betting someone will jump in here and give you a solution.

It’s basically one sentence with a name, or what ever.

In the end it would be 2 pieces.

The bottom piece is the outline of the name, using the Offset Shape function. I want to cut that out, then the name all in one piece so I can glue it on top of the outline. I want to paint both, and glue the name on top of the offset shape function piece.

I’ll engrave their logo underneath on a 3" x 3" piece of wood. I’ll glue the outline and lettering “name” together, then glue that one piece on the 3" x 3" piece.

I think I might have to do all the letters separate, and connect them together using the Union Tool

Letters.lbrn2 (86.2 KB)

With the exception of John, it appears that it’s just the capital letters that are separate (I don’t know if this is the actual text you’ll be using). You could engrave the letters/words at very low power, just enough to leave an outline on your backing piece, this would help with alignment of the foreground letters/words when you glue them on. Just a thought, not sure if that’s what you are looking for. I guess it depends on the font style you’re using.

Well, I kind of have to use this font. The customer is particular about the artwork.
I don’t have to do this. Just looking to provide them something else to consider. I sent them 12 cork coasters for a sample, and they sold them in a day or so, so going forward this will be another item they will probably purchase.

Like this?

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Did you create one letter at a time, and union with the next?

I like that.

Convert to path. Group/ungroup as needed. Move till they overlap and weld.


Thanks D. I’ll test drive it.

That’s why I love this forum, I learn something new every day.