How to cut an SVG image w/ DXF file?

I’m trying to cut the camo with layer ‘01’, but the cut tool is grayed out. Does anyone know why it isn’t working?
Camo Pattern.lbrn2 (2.3 MB)

Using Select open shapes shows invisible junk below the clip outline. Turning off the camo images makes it more obvious:

Use Ctrl-click to deselect the clip:

Hit Del to delete them, whatever they might have been.

The clip shape is (still) not closed, so click to select it and use Close path to fix that.

Now the magic happens:

  • Invert selection to grab all the camo layers
  • Shift-drag around the clip to select it, too
  • Cut Shapes
  • Hit Del to get rid of the stuff outside the clip
  • Profit!

If you want to cut the clip outline, duplicate that shape to have a copy for cutting.

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