How to cut only what is inside the desktop?

Hello. My TTS10 machine cuts 300x300mm. I would like to use LightBurn to cut only what is inside the work area, ignoring what is outside. Is there any configuration possible for this?

Yes and welcome. There is a switch to ‘Ignore out-of-bounds shapes if possible’. :slight_smile: Click the ‘Gears’ icon near the top-center to expose the LightBurn ‘Settings’ window. In the top-left of that page, you should see a switch for ignoring what is outside, if possible. Flip that On (green), and try ‘Preview’ again. Please let us know how you progress.

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Also, you can flip the Cut selected. Objects switch. Only things you select will be sent to the machine .

Cortar graficos selecionados

Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately this option was already selected. Is there any other way?

Use absolute coordinates

A few things to check:

  • 1 . select options as @JimNM said

  • 2 . review the order of the layers and the cut settings
    (first engrave and then cut) (the power/speed values are the same?, supposedly the blue layer is only for engraving?)

  • 3 . Select what you want to cut and run the job.

An alternative is to move the unwanted shapes to a distinct layer (or layers if they have several), and turn off Output on this (these) layer(s).

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Thank you very much.