How to cut out an object

I am a first time user. I can’t figure out how to cut out an object. I figured out the engraving, but not the cutting

If you want to cut, in the layers menu select “Line”. “Line” can either be a line engraving or a cut. If you want an engraved line, test for a low power fast speed. If you want to cut, generally you will need higher power and slower speed. It depends on what you want to cut or engrave.
Lightburn layrs line-cut menu

Lightburn has a channel on YouTube:

A caution, to keep you from being confused by terminology: the earlier versions of Lightburn you see in the beginner videos have different terms in the layer/cuts menu. Translate those terms from “Cut” now means “Line” and “Scan” now means “Fill.”

Have fun learning all this!

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