How to cut out exterior to circle

Added a Circle
Used the pencil to draw the other item
Now I want to cut out exterior to the circle but cant seem to figure out how as the Boolean Assistant is greyed out.

Use Node Edit. With your cursor over one of the lines outside the circle, type the letter T to trim the line to the next intersection. In this case, that would be the circle. You may have to do that on both sides of the circle.

Screenshot 2023-05-31 104451

The node editor that @Gaffboat suggested it the easy way to do it with your artwork…

Both object have to be closed for the boolean assistant to work…

You will have to close the wiggly line.

Besides auto join selected shapes, there are a couple of options to help close shapes and close shape with tolerance. They may work for you… I’m never tried with your type of artwork.

I used Select open shapes in the Edit menu.


If I use close open shapes with tolerance and increase the tolerance enough…

When I select both, I have the boolean options. This may not give you the results you want…

Using ^B (control+B) will display the boolean assistant. Hovering over the node editor icon will display the edit tools for node edit.

Good luck


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