How to cut out shapes from imported jpg

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I want to import an A3 size jpg image into lightburn which mirrors an A3 laminated sheet of paper on the cut bed
I want to be able to create the cut line to ’ cut out ’ each shape for use as a transfer on china
I dont need the cut line to be exact ( 2-3mm margin ) so was intending to draw round each object


how do I make the cut bed a3 size so the jpg image fits exactly
Can I set up the position on the cut bed so I can put down multiple sheets - like a registration mark - so an operator can put down a sheet and press go without lining each one up
can you use a wacom to draw a vector line for the cut

any pointers gratefully received

Size the image so that it is the same size as a A3 sheet.
I usually put some double sided tape on a piece of wood and place it in the proper position so that you can do multiple engravings. Ad long as the wood is higher than the plates, you should be good to go. For a plate, you would need to use 2 pieces of wood, one vertical and one horizontal.

Thank you for this

Can I pick your brains on importing

If I make the cut bed a3 and then import an A3 jpg it doesnt match the cut bed on the screen and requires resizing to make it smaller and fit. when I then add a cut line onto the top of this image I get a frame slop error
any pointers gratefully received

Jpegs aren’t normally measured in A3 type sizes. They are measured in pixels. The size of the pixel on the output determines the physical size. So scaling is going to be normal. Import it, use the trace function (sounds like you wanted to do this manually? Why?), then resize it to A3 size (297 x 420 mm).

You don’t resize your cut bed. You set it to the size that your machine can handle. Then you can lay out rectangles on that to help you place your image(s).

this is an example of an A3 image of a piece of work which has been printed onto laminated waterslide paper. I want to cut the paper 2mm around the images. I dont want to use image trace as I am not trying to reproduce the image - just want to cut them out

blue lines represent path I would like laser to follow

OK, other than needing to draw a rectangle rather than use the trace tool, what I said still applies. If you use a camera with LightBurn you can even draw the rectangle right on the image sitting on the bed and avoid the Jpeg import, resizing, etc.


have camera which I have installed and calibrated ( 5MP lightburn camera )

I have image on cut bed and draw cut lines around parts I want to cut out

It is working except cut line is approx 2mm out on L side

What could be causing this ?


Not sure. Camera is not perfect, more of a guide. Perhaps you need to re-calibrate/align. Maybe your camera shifted vs your bed? Maybe you calibrated for a different thickness material?

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