How to deal with multiple different lasers

I use Lightburn to generate gcode for my current machine, and it works great. However, I have another machine on order and, obviously, I will have to update all my cut/engrave settings for projects I want to be able to ALSO run on this new machine. Which brings me to this question:

What features does Lightburn provide to deal with this? Obviously, the device Library allows me to set paramaters for specific machines, but, is there a way to tell Lightburn WHICH machine I want a specific instance of the application to load which library? Do I have to install multiple copies of Lightburn or ??

How does work? If things work out, I’m probably going to have a number more machines as I try to move up in power / ability while still needing to use my older machines. I mean, I’m not going to throw them away!:smiley:

Is there any video or blog that explains this? How does Lightburn support this?

Oh, I should note: I do NOT plan on connecting Lightburn to these machines … I run them “off-line”, that is I save the gcode to a flash drive and transfer that to the target machine.


If you click on the “Devices” button in the Laser window, you can add multiple laser devices, each of which have their own configuration, and will let you load a library that is specific to that machine. When you switch devices, it will switch the library as well. So, just select which machine you will be creating the file for, and go about your design, etc.

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Thanks Steve, I’ll give that a try when my new laser arrives!

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After you create a profile, go to the library and create a ‘new’ library for your new settings. Lightburn will associate this library with the device…

Good luck


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