How to design an odd shape in Lightburn

Today’s video is answering a question from my friend Tom in the Ortur Lasermaster 2 Facebook group. He asked how he could design his graphic on an odd shape.

I hope it helps some of you!

This is Part 2 of my YouTube Playlist called Lightburn Software Tutorials.


Thank you for another helpful and informative video @richfaraone!

@Rick My pleasure!

another really nice video , thanks Richard.

one tip for users who photograph odd shaped parts for tracing

include a ruler or tape measure in the photo. that way you can easily scale the photo to exact size.

@barrie Thank you! If you watch from 3:25, you’ll see you don’t need a ruler. Lightburn’s built-in ruler is exact. I’ve done this quite a few times already.

So simple and so handy. I’ve learned a lot through your videos. Keep up the good work!

@LaserWillie Thank you Sir!

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