How to Do Single Line Fonts from Adobe Illustrator into Light Burn?

I would really like to come up with a recipe on how to properly export files from Adobe Illustrator with “Single Line Fonts” in them.

I have been unsuccessful thus far but I am sure it is just one little option away from being perfect and therefore I would like to ask here!

To be sure I am using Mac OSX, Adobe Illustrator CC, and the latest Lightburn 9.19.

I am using this font from

When I export as SVG I get a lot of missing parts of the text. See screenshot.

Also see the screenshot with my export settings.

What should I try to get this to work?

Or, is there another single line font that is proven to work with Lightburn?

Thank you!

Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 10.53.55 AM

Do a search for SHX fonts in this forum. Lightburn has recently added support for the single line fonts.

Another user has supplied a link to download some fonts, and the Lightburn help describes how to add the fonts to your Lightnurn installation.

While this font is said to be “single line”, it is not. It is built using a closed shape conversion which the seller demonstrates on the site link you provided.

LightBurn now supports true single line fonts known as SHX fonts, of which there are many available.

Can you email the SVG in question to so I can have a look? If the text is converted to curves before exporting, it should just work.

I’d like to try the SHX fonts, but I can’t seem to download them into Lightburn. I’m running a Mac.

SHX fonts are not system fonts so there is a different process than you might be used to. These fonts do not get installed nor are they available from Font Book. You simply place the SHX file(s) in a directory, then tell LightBurn where to look for these files.

Once done, these fonts become available from the LightBurn font selection drop-down.

Take a peek at this video for more:

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