SHX Font Collection

Now we have SHX Fonts available I have put together 44 single line fonts into a folder. I’m happy to make the folder of fonts available (dropbox link) if this is allowed and if anyone wants them.

Link to folder:


I am interested.
I downloaded them from a link… but there is a HUGE amount of junk among them… thatg it clogs up my font list

Same here, thats what I deleted, all the junk to get to these few single line fonts.

You can find the folder here:


Much Obliged.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing @Ash !

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Thank you! :slight_smile: saves us time!

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Thanks a lot for sharing !

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I would also like to thank you :+1:

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Another big thank you. :+1:

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Thank you for sharing :+1:

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Thank you from Spain

Any idea on how to add these on a mac in Font book, I dont have autocad foir mac and that seems to be the only way to install these in osx.???

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Hi Nail, it’s very simple. Place the library itself in e.g. … / laser / shx-fonts and in LightBurn you just refer to this directly under the shx fonts settings. This library does not need to be installed.


thanks i will give that a try as font book doesn’t like them at all.

SHX Fonts are not nativly supported in macOS and thus FontBook. They are supported in LightBurn. You only need to tell LightBurn where you have these SHX font files and LightBurn will load them and make them available from the ‘Font List’ drop-down.

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Excellent, thanks for sharing.

There’s a video tutorial on YouTube for these, and it’s in the documentation too:

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can this fonts show separated? (PLEASE) i’ve over 4.000 fonts (per NexusFont) in this list. :slight_smile: it is very hard to search. :frowning: Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

Note my font list (I posted above) displayed in LightBurn. You will see the “Type of Font” shown on the left to help spot these SHX Fonts.

The other thing of note is my file naming convention. I changed the name of every SHX font I use frequently by adding “1_” to the front of the original font name, [changed “ARCHFAST.SHX” to “1_ARCHFAST.SHX”]. This name change change has no effect in font performance, only changes the sorting order to place these fonts at the top of my list.

YESSSS!!! Thank you for this Tip!! :slight_smile: