Single line fonts

Are there single line fonts available. By “single line” I’m referring to a font that is not hollow or filled,
it is a simple and clean single line.

Thank you for your help.
Tim Higdon

LightBurn supports SHX fonts. LightBurn 0.9.17 - Tool layers, single line fonts, image masking, and – LightBurn Software

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Too complicated for me.

Thanks but NO THANKS !

What’s complicated about downloading the fonts and putting them in a font library?


The process for using SHX fonts is very simple:

  1. Download SHX fonts from the Internet to the computer, to a folder

  1. In LightBurn > Settings, select the computer’s font folder

  1. Close and reopen LightBurn

  2. Open or create a project and write a text.

  3. Expand the font selector and select one marked as SHX.

Thanks to the guys at LightBurn for creating this great software. :hugs:

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I don’t have the Set SHX Font Path button.
I am using Linux, might that be the issue?

Hi @doggability,

What is your LightBurn version? :thinking:


You need v0.9.17 or newer

I wanted to say thank you for your posts on the SHX fonts and the link to them. I installed them several weeks ago and renamed them all to start with SHX so I could more easily find them.


I now have v0.9.20 and I still don’t see it.

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