SHX Font Collection

I renamed all the SHX font with a name prefixed with SL for single line. When using the font menu in Lightburn, they all show up together.


Thanks Rick, I was bec ing to realise that and was going to ask how to install them and you guys pre-empted that question, thank you

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I have version 9.16, but there is no “Set SHX Font Path” button.

*Disregard, I updated to 9.18 and it is there.

Znaki narodowe w SHX fonts. ĄŚĆŃÓŁĘ .?
Jak je można dodać ?

National characters in SHX fonts. ĄŚĆŃÓŁĘ.?
How can I add them?

Thanks! Very helpful.

Ash, thankyou. contributions like this make the world a better place.

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