SHX files for Lightburn

Good day, I downloaded some SHX files shared by another member (thank you) but I do not see the single line ones
Please see screenshot

Did you tell LightBurn the location of these SHX Fonts? Fonts and Text - LightBurn Software Documentation

LightBurn uses the SHX fonts identified in the settings and will show the font type in the dropdown font picker.

Hi Rick, thank you, yes I did tell Lightburn where the fonts are, the problem is I went basically through all of them but could not find the single font ones, only the “crazy” ones as in my post

What is the name of this font you are showing? Show us the settings for the SHX fonts you have in the Device Settings along with showing us the drop-down font list.

It looks like you also have ‘Filled’ rendering set for the visual display. LightBurn is intended to work in wireframe mode, so it is a bit difficult to see what you are displaying. Please show the same but include the entire LightBurn screen this time. Some of what I want to see is missing in your shot.

Hi Rick

Sorry, please make LightBurn full-screen first, and capture with the font list pulled down like I show.

You missed some of what I asked. Helpful to know these things.

This is a good post providing a list of single line SHX fonts and some ways to manage. If you haven’t already, this may be worth review.

Rick, there are many fonts and the pull down menu does not show all of the, here are some

Rick, thank you, downloaded them and working 100%

Glad to hear you are sorted. BTW, you can select the ones you like and only load those. Just place a copy of the ones you like into a new directory, then update the location in LightBurn. You can also ‘Add to Favorites’ with a right-click.

Rick, appreciated, and thank you for your help