How to draw a line tangent to a circle

Is this possible?
Yes I can eyeball it and get close.
I would like to draw a circle, then a line (or another object), then drag that line until it touches the circle at one point.

Edit: One way to do this for my circumstances
Select the 2 objects
Align vertical centers
Distribute > Move V together

From our current documentation:

Selection snapping

When in selection mode, objects can be moved, scaled, or rotated by clicking on the various marks that appear around the selection. You will occasionally see the cursor change if you hover over a point of interest on a shape. This means LightBurn has found a ‘snap point’. When moving an object near another, snapping is on by default. LightBurn will snap your selection to other object centers, end points of lines or curves, or center point of lines or curves, in addition to just snapping to the grid. You can bypass the snapping behavior by holding the Ctrl key (Command on Mac).

Have you tried this and it is not working for you?

For precision and if you need to apply constraints to various objects try Fusion360 or similar for your design. The node editing and boolean functions are better in LightBurn than in most of the drawing programs I have access to (which are many) but for designs where specific dimensions, constraints or parametric design makes the most sense, then something like Fusion360 is the best starting point.

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