How to engrave a bevelled edge in acrylic/perspex

Hi folks
I am cutting some squares out of perspex and i was to try and engrave a bevelled edge in.

I appreciate these will need a quick sand and polish, but engraving these is going to be easier (if possible) rather than building a jig to cut on a bevel.

Any help or advice appreciated, cheers

I’ve not tried it and I suspect this will be a very rough cut but you could attempt to build a grayscale image of the cut where darkest is the deepest part of the bevel and white being the shallowest part. Then oriented the grayscale image along the length of the intended bevel location.

For settings, make sure you’re using grayscale image and set min and max to correlate to power at highest part of bevel to lowest part of bevel.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the machines ‘start speed’ setting.


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