How to engrave a faceplate centered and keep everything centered (New to lightburn and lasers)

Hello All, I am new to lightburn, I got the trial for now because the Xtools Creative Space software that came with my laser is not capable of doing what I need it to.

I am using an IR module to engrave text on to satin lighting faceplates. Power and speed are not an issue as I am getting the engravings I want except they aren’t where I want.

I created files with a drawing of the faceplate to the millimeter and then I add my text where I want it.

On XCS if I choose not to output the rectangle it just puts the text wherever the hell it wants. IF I choose to output the rectangle even on low power it marks it.

My question is how can I properly set my workpiece in, and produce the engravings I want? Hopeing to get a response and some practice in before my trial expires so I know if a lightburn software license purchase will be worth it.

Thank you all,


In LightBurn, you can use a Tool layer (a special type of layer that will never output to your laser) to represent the faceplate, and position your text within it. Then line your laser head up to a corner of the faceplate and use either Current Position or User Origin as your Start From mode.

More information on positioning output using LightBurn is available here:

You’ll find the Tool layers on the right side of the Color Palette at the bottom of your LightBurn window.

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