How to fill inside the vector lines

Another newbie?..How do I set this up to burn the inside not just the vector lines?

Can’t tell from this picture, but do you have layer set to ‘Fill’?

This should help to explain the different cut settings and their options. Documentation for Laser Operations.

When I do that it says 9 hr run… :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Show the cut settings. Might be able to make suggestions to help.

40 inches/min seems pretty slow - I’d suggest starting around 120 to 150 and going up from there.

If you want to reduce the run-time, with a diode system you have a couple options:

  • Enable “Flood Fill Scanning” in the cut setting (do not use this on really complex shapes, as it’s really processor intensive) Turn on “Show Traversal Moves” in the preview to see how this changes the way it’ll be cut, and drag the preview slider around.

  • In the device settings, enable Fast Whitespace Skip, and set a speed there, which will let it skip over the blank areas faster.

  • You could also lower the lines per inch even more, and use Fill + Line to do a less dense patterned fill with an outline, instead of just the fill, like this:

Thanks… that got me down to 38min run…Shouldn’t this page have a choice section on how I want to burn?

Can you please re-phrase. Are you asking about changing the cut mode from ‘Fill’ to ‘Fill+Line’? If so, click the ‘Mode’ drop-down to see choices.

No I have seen video of the Image Mode…Dithered, Ordered, Threshold and Greyscale

Still not following your wording or what you are asking.

The ‘Cut Settings Editor’ window you have shown will change based on the “type” of object(s) on that layer. Vector objects will allow ‘Fill’, ‘Line’ or ‘Fill=Line’ cut settings and their related options. With bitmap artwork (images), the cut options change to ‘Image Mode’ and provide image processing options and their related settings as you have identified (Threshold, Ordered, Atkinson, Dither, Stucki, Jarvis, Newsprint and Grayscale).

This tutorial explains the different cut settings nicely:

  • Note: Wording has changed - Scan, Cut and Scan+Cut are now called Fill, Line and Fill+Line respectively.

Ok that’s what I needed. Thank you