How to find the gap in an alledged open shape

So I have this shape, which I feel confident in saying it is a closed shape.
But Lightburn and I seems to have diverging opinions on the matter.

I have looked at the shape very closely, and I can’t find any gap. Maybe I missed something very small?

Is there a plugin or a feature that can draw a circle around or highlight loose ends ?

The auto close menu tools were not able to close this shape.

OpenShapeMystery.lbrn2 (32.8 KB)

I couldn’t identify a gap. Try this as a workaround:

  1. select object
  2. Arrange->Break apart
  3. select all parts
  4. Edit->Auto-join selected shapes

This seems to result in a closed shape. This also tells me that the parts are correctly aligned. I suppose it’s possible that a pair of nodes were not joined although correctly aligned but Edit->Close path should have resolved that condition but did not.

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When I opened your file it is closed and set to fill.
Have I misunderstood something?

But you are right that it is sometimes a PIA to find openings in shapes that should be closed. Try Edit->Select open shapes and you can see that it gets selected.

I noticed too that the shape appeared filled which makes it almost closed.

That’s correct, just tried it. But, then there must be a small error in the program, you cannot fill non-closed shapes.

For sure there are some open bugs with path nodes. Another user had an issue where Preview and output would work as expected but display on workspace would not. In that case there was an actual gap in the design but there was clearly an inconsistency between display and output.

Thank you!

This worked… I spent hours looking at that shape as close as I could.


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