How to fix engraver or lightburn not connecting to computer – solved! –

As many others, I have come across this issue of my MacBook Pro not connecting to my creality falcon 2 22w engraver. I went ahead and sorted out the issue and thought I should share the solution with others. Here is the video HOW TO FIX CREALITY FALCON 2 ENGRAVER OR LIGHTBURN NOT CONNECTING TO COMPUTER– SOLVED! – - YouTube and the steps I took.

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I have exactly the same problem with my Falcon 10w and tried the fix in the youtube video as both have the same CH340 chipset apparently and it DID NOT WORK :frowning:
a search through the forum reveals a ton of people with the same problem… my advice is to stay well clear of the creality if you have a Mac, a huge dissapointment…

Do you have an intel chip or M1/M2?

M1 Macbook Pro

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