How to focus laser for cutting?

I have a 20W neje laser and I’m confused as to how to focus it on a 3mm mdf board for cutting. Any idea how do I do that?
I did watch yt videos but didn’t understand.

As a general ‘ball park’ statement… set the focus to the center of the material for a cut…


That is exactly what I’m asking! How do I focus on the center of the mdf !? Since it’s not see through!
Actually I just don’t have any idea as to how to focus in the center! :sweat_smile:

Once you have focus on the surface, then lower the ‘laser’ 1/2 the material thickness … :thinking:

Make sense?


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Yo tengo un NEJE 2sPus y mido la distancia desde el material a cortar y la parte inferior del protector de plastico del cabezal laser y la distancia es 21mm. Si cortas material baja unos mm la distancia. Espero que te sirva.

Take the focus point and subtract 1/2 the material thickness.


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