How to frame a drawing

Hi can anyone help me please?
I’m trying to frame a drawing in Lightburn. So I’m trying to draw a circle to create a frame around a background picture. I need it to crop the picture by catching only what falls within the circle, in effect deleting the picture that falls out with. leaving me with just the disk and background drawing within the circle. I hope this makes sense? Im not sure if Lightburn can do this or do I need additional software?

Many thanks,


LightBurn does not currently provide tools to crop a bitmap image. You will need to to do this “circle crop” using an external image editing software prior to importation into LightBurn.

If you truly mean picture (jpg, bmp, png, etc), then see the post from @Rick.

I want to make sure you weren’t referring to line art / vectors as your “picture”. Because if you were meaning vectors, then you could use the Boolean operators.

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