How to Get Additional LightBurn Licenses?

Hi! :wave:
Delighted LightBurn user wants to get other members of family into the laser hobby.
Want to extend my license to more PCs/Macs but can’t see how to do that in the License Portal …
Do I just purchase new licenses with the same email address (so they can all be managed together)?
Or is there a simpler way of adding PCs?
Thanks! :pray:

As “standard”, it is possible to use a LightBurn license on 2 computers and in some cases even 3 computers. (you can contact with your request)
The number of laser machines you control with your license is not limited.

1 Like thanks for the prompt reply. Email sent. :ok_hand:

Got reply from Lightburn Support in less than an hour.
What an exemplary service. Thanks again. :white_check_mark:

@nelsonic, the program and the team behind it are very unique and this forum here is an important part of it all.
Here you will find many gold nuggets if you use the search function, just ask a new question or ask for help.
I hope you will be as happy with LightBurn and the forum as I am.

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