How to get camera window back in the side bar

Silly question… and I did search but wasn’t sure what terms and found no results…

How do I get the camera window to go back in the sidebar as opposed to being its own window? I have X’d and tried everything I can think of. Photo attached.

Try clicking and dragging the Camera window over the docked Cuts/Layers window. When the Cuts/Layers turns gray, release the click. That will dock the Camera window there.

You can also go to ‘Window’ > ‘Reset to Default Layout’, but this will also undo any layout changes you’ve made that you may want to keep.

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I had a similar problem a couple weeks ago. I could NOT get it to dock no matter what. I eventually restarted Lightroom with the shift key held down and I think that fixed it.

i had this issue too yesterday, solved minimizing LB window, not iconizing to the bar, then acting like @JTR told, once done i maximize LB again

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