How to get nice text?


I have a question about letters/Fonts

If I make a text in LB it looks very good but when I lasered the text as a line then the letters are broken, no round edges, no smooth corners and so on. (See the pictures)

Back in the days a had a CoreX machine with a diode laser and I touch that that was the problem. But now I am working with co2 laser and an ACW controller and still the same problem.

Can anyone explain it to me?


It’d probably help to post your settings. Speeds, power, etc.

Your right Blake.

Looks like you have some mechanical issues going on. Make sure belts are tight, rails are clean, and that the mirrors and lens are not loose in their holders.

Well, it is a brand new (DIY) machine. Everything is new, it has quare rails and the belt are tighnen.
And as I tell you, it was also on my older machine.

That looks like backlash - some kind of mechanical looseness in belts, gears, or pinions. When an axis moves in one direction for a while then changes direction, the laser head doesn’t move along that axis until the slack is taken up. The two sides of the ‘t’ not lining up, and the misalignment of the start and end points of the cuts are a dead giveaway.

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Oke, I’am gonna play with it. Thanks so far.
To be continued


I made some extra tension wheels and now i can play on the belts like a gitar !
But the problem is solved!!

Thanks for your help!

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