How to get option to change the return to finish position in the Device Settings Menu?

I don’t have the option for a (Return to Finish Position) in the Device Settings Menu. I want the laser head to stay in place after the job finishes, instead of returning top home position. I’m running a Omtech Polar 350 which has no controller on Lightburn 1.4.05.

Is it possible that you are in “beginner” mode LightBurn? (it disables some features)

Return to Finish Position is not an option for DSP lasers.

For Ruida controllers like in your laser, you can have the laser return to absolute origin or user origin positions. Look for “Back Position” or something similar in the User Settings of Edit->Machine Settings.

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Thanks for your reply. Its not in beginner mode, When I switch from enable and disable, Beginner Mode the lack of options are still the same in the Device Settings, I don’t have an option for (Return to Finnish Position)

Well… Sort of… The Omtech Polar 350 has a Ruida controller. It doesn’t have an HMI (Human Machine Interface) or screen on the outside of the engraver. It doesn’t have a control panel on the outside, the controller is the brain on the inside.

Unlike the GCode controllers, the Ruida controllers manage the behavior of the finish position.

My Machine Settings window is empty. Does that mean I can’t get the laser to stop at the end of the job, and it will always move back home?

Did you push ‘Read’? If not, you’ll need to do so to get the settings.

I don’t believe there’s an option to stop in place.

Thanks for the suggestion to press Read. I pressed it as well as Write and Calibrate Axis. Nothing happened because the machine was not running. I turned it on and it populated with controls, one of which was Return Position, and that has the option(No Return). I tested and it stayed at the end of the job, not home position.

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