How to get SVG files to show only the outer line and not multiples

I’ve been trying to create a rounded corner 70 x 40 mm blank for cutting in 2mm plywood to make name badges. I created an .svg file from a JPG, but my jpg to svg converter doesn’t give a clean, single line all the way around. I’m trying to find a way to correct this but not having a lot of luck. Could use some help, thanks.

Did you try the offset offset-icon-smand select outward and outer shapes only…?

If you can post the svg, it might help us help you…


Try this
70mm_x_40mm_x_6mm_rad.lbrn (4.7 KB)

Dashed or selected line is your original, clicked on offset…

Is this what you want?


Thank you! That is exactly what I needed.

Thanks Jack, that was what I needed to know. Got it fixed now.

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