How to go back to user origin on RuiDa 6432G controller keypad

If I set a user origin on the above controller using the keypad, and then I move the laser head somewhere else, how do I go back to the user origin. I know there is a button in light-burn which does this, but I really thought there would be a button on the controller itself which sends the laser head back to the origin which has been set. Any ideas?

Put the laser where you want it and click the origin button.

@micrololin I think he want to move it to where the user origin is set, not set another one.

If your configuration of the Ruida has it set to return to user origin, then you only have to perform a frame to have it return there.

I don’t know of a keyboard entry to return it to origin… never really looked…


Although it’s not the same controller, on my KT332N pressing Fast/Slow + Esc returns to the origin you have configured.

The Menu → Para Setting → Machine Config panel controls where that position is:

  • Origin pos = user origin setting
  • Docking point = machine Home position
  • some others I cannot decipher

So when I set the Origin pos option and plunk the user origin somewhere, then pressing Fast/Slow + Esc moves the head to that origin.

There’s probably something like that buried in your controller,too: good luck hunting it down.

I sometimes need to do that when I switch between projects. The laser doesn’t stay put. Origin makes it stay there. That’s what I thought he was experiencing.