How to install for all users

At our school with aprox. 1000 students. We have a EduardDK lasercutter connected to a desktop computer. At the moment only one of the users (the one who bought the Lightburn software) can log on to the computer and connect to the laser.
We would like to be able to run Lightburn from any user using the same licence. How do we work around that.
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Pernille S

Have a look here.


To elaborate slightly for anyone else that may have this concern:

You can have a look at the link Rick provided for instructions on how to set up a “system locked” license for a normal multi-seat (not floating) license: Licensing Setup - Configuring different license options

You can enter the same key on different user accounts on the same computer and our license system should treat it all as one computer. If there are only a few user accounts to speak of, you can do that. If there are many accounts, you will probably want to go through the above instructions to just take care of the licensing once and for all.

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