How to join tilled line

Hi everyone,
I am trying in vain to find a way to join tilled-dashed lines, so that I have only one entire cutting line.

This is an airplane plan that I then want to cut in a foam board. On the plans, there are red lines in dashed line when it is necessary to cut only part of the thickness but I would like this line to be continuous.

I tried to select the lines and then the auto-join or close path function but nothing changes.

Do you have any idea what is wrong?

Thank you in advance.

The auto koin tool will only join lines that are very close to either within a very small tolerance. I tried a few things but in the end I just had to join each gap with a line. Or alternatively just draw a new line over the top of dashed one and delete the old one. I’ll be interested to see if anybody comes up with a solution for you other than that.



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Would need to see how the file is built to offer additional suggestions. What type of file is this, vector or raster bitmap? File format?

These are pdf files that can be printed and then cut by hand but it is much more convenient to do it with a laser :slight_smile:

At the beginning of the file, there is an explanation of all the types of lines that can be found on the plan.

Yesterday I tried again but didn’t find anything that does the job. The only solution I found for the moment is to modify the file in Qcad before importing it in .dxf in lightburn.

You can download a file here : Plane - FT Mustang Master Series | FliteTest Forum

Looking at these PDF files, you will need to edit or recreate these lines to have them one solid line. In LightBurn, I would either redraw each dashed line to be solid, or use the ‘Edit Nodes’, ‘Extend’ to assist. Have a look at this video for more on extending paths, but this will be a lot of work. Maybe this nice folks that generated these originally can assist. :slight_smile:

Hi Rick, I tried the node edit tool to do this when trying to suggest a b solution for the OP but it seem to do anything when I tried to extend a node to another node on another line in the same plane. If the second line was at 90 deg it would extend the node to intercept the line, but if the target was another node nothing happened, Any thoughts?
Top layout doesn’t extend the left line to the next node. Bottom example extends node to the line.


You can only extend to a line and not a node. This is intentional - it’s a bit complicated to explain but basically allowing nodes to be extended to caused more problems then it was worth. You could, for example, have multiple nodes at the same point in which case it’s impossible to tell what node to extend and connect to. Also, when I originally tried to implement node-to-node extending it caused all sorts of weird bugs that were due to the math required to detect where I should be extending to.

It’s on my list to take another pass at, but for now trim and extend only works when the thing you are extending to or trimming on is the body of the line and not one of the nodes.


Thanks Adam, I assumed I was missing something as Rick had suggested node extending as a possible solution to the OP but I couldn’t make it work. All makes sense now.



Yep, my bad and thanks for the clarity @adammhaile. :slight_smile:

Redrawing these to be solid or maybe this nice folks that generated these originally can assist.

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