How to join upper case letter to smaller case letters

I want to join the letter “V” to the rest of the word?

Either bring the V physically closer to the rest of the name so that they overlap or create an extra shape that will bridge the V to the ‘i’ in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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I got it, but I don’t like how it looks. I will try a different font.

Once more and still don’t like it. Artistic I am not!

Why? I checked several script fonts and they all had the capital disconnected from the lowercase letters.

Scripts.lbrn2 (460.3 KB)


SVG file

We can all get help from the Google. Search for ‘cursive letter examples’, then flip to the Images.

Most all examples for the cursive script capital letter V show as not connected to the next character. To my brain, connecting would confuse my eyes and look like a ‘U’. Maybe test looking at your cursive handwriting as an example too. :slight_smile: