How to keep settings when saving a project

Is there not a way to keep my settings saved for each project when I save a file in lightburn. I have found when I open Lightburn and then go to file and click open and open a project I have previously saved, the settings are not as I left them for that saved project. How do I fix this.

Which settings? If you are using ‘Import’ to open your project files, that’s just importing the vectors and images from the project into your current one. If you are actually using ‘Open’ to open the project, that should come in with all settings retained.

Check that, and also please say which version you’re using - older versions did not store some of the settings, like ‘Cut Selected graphics’, and things like that, but all the layer settings (speed, power, etc) have always been stored.

I am using 9.2. And I found Lightburns exact same response to someone elses post about the same thing and never responded back with the fix. As I said in my original post, I am opening lightburn, clicking file and then open. I am then choosing the file and clicking open. I understand that if I import something that it will not have setting attached because its not a saved project.

When you say that it’s not saving the settings, which ones do you mean? Can you show me with a screen shot what you think is wrong?

The cut settings and such. Speed, Power, Kerf, Overcut. If I go and make other projects and come back, reopen a file I have previously cut, the settings are different and have to be reset again.

That should absolutely not be happening. Can you send one of your files to so I can have a look?

Happened to me too, I did a kerf test then later I created a new document and imported a SVG to do a box and job got messed up because of a layer/cut I choose had a kerf still in it. I then tried opening other light burn projects same thing. I am new at this and reading up on how this suppose to work with keeping or setting defaults, it does not seem to work for me. v 0.9.21

You might have to store one default first. Do this:

  • Open the Cut Settings editor window by double clicking a layer.
  • At the bottom, click ‘Reset to Default’
  • Next to that, click ‘Make default for all layers’

That last click is the big one - that’s what stores the defaults that will be remembered on startup when you use the other setting. The initial “defaults” list is empty, so you can set defaults per color, or for all, or set for all then go back and fill in a couple colors one by one that you use differently, like “Red means Cut”. Those “set as default” settings will be reloaded on startup if you use the ‘reset to defaults’ setting in the prefs, and that’s what they restore to if you click the ‘Reset to default’ in the bottom of the cut settings window.

Thank you for the reply, I did the steps you provided and it still happens.
I verified it to, I closed lightburn and reopened and all my settings looked good, UNTIL I tried a test card Lightburn Advanced PowerScale Generator - O2 Creative and now all of those cut / layers became the new default, so weird.

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