How to know what controller you have?

I am new to the laser game. I have 2 CNC machines, so understand much of what is going on. I purchased a TS4060 80 watt Chinese (ebay) laser. It came with corel draw and corel laser. I would like to use this software, as it seems so much more intuitive and user friendly. I downloaded the free trial version this morning, and I tried all the controllers in it, but I just kept getting “dissconnected” on the page.
After watching the start up videos, I think I understand what a Ruida controller is. However, my machine does not have a video interface, so i am assuming i do not have that type of controller. How do i find out what i do have? And if it will be usable with Lightburn??
This is my machine:

Thanks for any info

Based on the pictures, you likely have an M2 Nano. Open the side of the machine, and the controller is probably located near the front, where the USB cable enters. And no, that controller is not supported by LightBurn. Your options would be to use LaserDRW (stock software), K40 Whisperer (free alternative), or replace the controller.

This should help:

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Thanks for the quick reply. Yes it is a M2Nano. So, i guess its shell out some more money for the Cohesion 3d board. i will order the Lightburn from them at the same time.


I have also a machine like above pictures, but must I complete remove the old m2nano panel or can I leave it togheter with the new lcd?

I am not sure what you would attach the LCD too? But i will say the cohesion board was worth the money, after a bit of tweaking to the firmware on the board, the machine runs beautifully.

thinking about this today, and the MA meter goes inline with the black wire to your laser. Meaning, cut the black wire and put the MA meter in.


Hello Ray,

Wich connection is that Ray?

I’ll double check, but if I remember right, it is the black wire that is in the 3rd from the bottom in the bottom plug. Joined with the white wire.

A good thing that I ask it, because I mentioned it was the black above :slight_smile: thank you for the info again Ray, I will be waiting for your check.

you can trace it back from the tube as well. But make sure it has been turned off for a bit before playing with the wires… high voltage

Yes I had a quick look, (after waiting absolutely) and there are 2 little black cables and 1 big red cable, I will also look tomorrow after remove the cable holder cap. I hope I take the good one
Thank you Ray

Ray, must i not use the blue cable from the back of the power supply, like the example picture? I will wait for your pro help, seems better

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First up, and thanks for the compliment, but I am by no means a pro…:grinning:

The wire on my machine is black, I do know this. But yours may well be blue. The Diagram that you show is the correct way to install the meter. It must be on the negative side of the tube.

I was searching the internet yesterday and found that the ground wire from tubes on Chinese lasers are either Black, blue or Green. So, as long as you traced it, your blue wire should be the correct one.
I am hoping that this afternoon, I will be working on my new panel.

That is great Ray, thank you very much for your help so far. Please can you give me the advise of your new panel if you are connecting the ma-meter to it please?

I have the same (but bigger 60x90cm) laser.

I used a MKS board (clone of Smoothie board). I still have some minor issues but in general its working great.

Information on the ‘upgrade’ on

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