How to Limit maximum power in user preference files

We have a Boss 1630 100 W laser in our maker space with multiple first time users. I want to limit the power that can be applied to the laser tube to 26 mAmps. Is there a way to edit the user preference file to over ride the maximum power a user might put it if they try to exceed 85% or 26 mAmps?

I would suggest pulling the PSU and adjusting it to the maximum you want. Its not hard to do… and that way somebody else could not go into the software and turn it up.

I agree with Glenn - The power supply inside the laser itself will have a tuning potentiometer in it that adjusts the maximum output current, and that will mean that it’s safe regardless of settings.

As a user, for example, I could just press and hold the Pulse button on the controller, and that would bypass any setting in the software.

The controller vendor settings do provide a Max and Min setting, but they’re hard caps, so your power output curve looks like this:


If the max output is set in the power supply, the output looks like this:


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