How to make a Prefessional Sign using just Lightburn

I got an order from a friend yesterday and he wanted a professional looking sign for his new cabin up in the woods of TN. This video is a start to finish using only Lightburn and its wonderful features.

I decided to start a series of videos on mastering Lightburn’s design tools since I’ve gotten such great feedback on previous videos.

This video covers offset shapes, welding and text manipulation. I hope you enjoy it!


Very nice! (and very prefessional :slight_smile: )
Great job, thank you.

Thank you @Hank!

Another good video @richfaraone, These have been a very nice addition to the LightBurn community resources. Thank you.

I offer a few observations that might help. The default design mode is Wireframe, we recommend this for design work to not inadvertently hide under, or cover another object with the Fill rendering and won’t be seen. Here is a quick search for ‘wireframe @LightBurn’ to provide examples of our responses when this issue comes up: Search results for 'wireframe @LightBurn ' - LightBurn Software Forum

I also heard you say, right near the end, that you were going to take a screenshot to send to your customer. We can help you produce this mock-up. Look to the bottom-right of the ‘Preview’ window for the ‘Save Image’ options. :wink:

@Rick Excellent points Rick! Thanks so much for critiquing the video! I’m glad you guys are watching so I can make future videos even simpler! I’m getting these ideas from other discusion groups, and rather than try an explain the steps in a text post that goes on forever, video explainers are much easier to comprehend.

I am pointing the videos from other discussion groups to here, so I hope it helps to get more paying members. I know a lot of people give up during the trial period because they have little experience with software and then go looking for something else. But in my experience, even with a programming background, I find this software to be the best and easiest to learn of all I have tried, and I tried quite a few! I just wish I had found it sooner!

I’m hoping the newbies can learn easier with these tutorials…

Only productive and supportive comments for your works. They are very much appreciated Rich. We feel fortunate when our members help us spread the word, spending their own time to provide assistance in our collective success. We are watching…appreciating your contributions! :slight_smile:

@Rick Thank you Sir!

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