How to make every item a SPECIFIC width (scale appropriate)

I am trying to make every name be exactly 2" wide, but not warped so scale appropriately. Only way I see possible is by having to manually click every item and setting it to 2" width. Very time consuming when I have 100’s of these names.
Is there some way or tool to select all, and make them ALL 2" but not as in making every item combined be 2"?? 2" individually

  1. Determine the necessary scale as a percentage to get 1 item to 2" width
  2. Select all items
  3. In Numeric Edits Toolbar make sure the Lock symbol is enabled, then enter the scale % in one of the scale transform fields.


[EDIT] Realized after seeing Rick’s reply that I misunderstood the specific request. Ignore this unless you want all items scaled by the same amount.

Can’t think of a clever way of doing this. Rick’s method works across a bunch of text objects but will distort the shape.

How are you producing this text? I can create text, then select it and set a ‘Max Width’, from the ‘Shape Properties’ window, to restrain the width to a specific size. You can select more than one at a time to make this adjustment if you have a lot of these text objects. :slight_smile:

Because of the mass amounts of names for orders, I created a script in Photoshop that spits out PNGs.
Then Once in LB I have to convert every image via Trace. So they arent text, the are just SVGs in a sense

This was back from my Glowforge days, maybe there is an easier way to create 100 name files in LB

Variable Text with an array would be ideal here for the names. But wouldn’t solve your sizing issue.

You could bring your names into LightBurn using a CSV file with the names and Variable Text feature in LightBurn, as @berainlb suggests. Variable Text Basics - LightBurn Software Documentation

Specifically, the CSV / Merge Text section. Variable Text Formats - LightBurn Software Documentation

You can control the Max Width for this flow, also while using the Array tool. :slight_smile:

I will try again, but I did see that and tried importing a text file but nothing showed up, not sure if I skipped a step

I am very confused by this and the documentation. I just have a text file with 1 column, “Name” and then the first names down row 1. Im not sure how do do that with all this confusing stuff

Set the Max Width on a text object will scale it horizontally, but not vertically. There isn’t an automatic way to do what you are asking for at this time.

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