How to make my laser more powerful

I am seriously considering an upgrade to my 15000mw engraver. I’ve been reading articles that say that the Chinese units do not have the strength they advertise. So what would I need to do to upgrade my laser to something more powerful?

Is this a diode laser? 15000 mw would be a 15 watt laser, so I am thinking diode. Tell us what you have, make, model, etc and there will be help coming.

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You are right, it is a diode. This is the info I have from the website I used to research it.
Universal Engraver - 15000 mw Blue CNC Laser Engraving
](Universal Engraver - 15000 mw Blue CNC Laser Engraving Machine)

You would need to:

  • Buy a more powerful laser module
  • Buy a higher capacity power supply, and
  • Have the capability of removing the old laser and power supply to then install and fit a completely different laser module and power supply on to your exiting hardware.