How to make this image engraveable

Anyone have any suggestions on how to make this image engraveable?

In LightBurn, select the image, right click and choose ‘Show Properties’, then set the Gamma value to about 0.6 to maybe 0.5. That will bring up the mid-tones a lot and it makes the shadows and pulls more of the detail out of the truck in front.

That should help quite a bit.

Hi @KIM1

I strongly recommend the following revisions prior to making the image adjustments that @LightBurn recommended .

You will have a crisper image without any background distractions that can be seen underneath the truck and under the trailer. Also complete the “blown out “ details on the truck and on the last Police :oncoming_police_car: cruiser .



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Thank you! I will make those changes when i get home and use the adjustments that @LightBurn suggested!

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