How to make this line cut in 1 pass?

In my file, the green lines are set to Line mode.

If you look at the second picture, the cut preview, you can see that it does half the line, then does the three below it, then comes back up to do the other half. This is giving me a darker blob where they end up meeting in the middle. How can I join (or whatever) the line so it’s done in one shot?


This is imported from an .ai file, so I’m assuming there’s something about the original .ai shape that’s throwing it off…

What are your optimisation settings?

Group, Layer, Priority
inner first, reduce moves, choose best start, choose best direction

Try ‘choose corners if possible’ and see if it changes.

Nope, no change.

Check your cut settings for kerf offset.

It’s set to 0.

Can you post the file here, or email it to if you’re not comfortable with it being public? It’s possible you have tabs enabled, or something else causing that gap.

Here’s the file - go easy on me, I’m still learning :slight_smile:
Christmas Jar - S2PS - Multiple.lbrn (3.3 MB)

lower left corner lower right corner

The cursors don’t appear, but they are snapping to the corners in these screen captures. The lower left corner is y = 0.726, while the lower right corner is y = 0.721

One might not expect five thousandths of an inch to matter, but this is a computer.

If you ungroup everything, and click on the middle line in the green, the one that’s not straight, you’ll find that it’s not one continuous line, it’s actually 7 different segments. If you select all 7 segments and do an Edit/Auto Join Selected Segments (Or the Alt-J keyboard shortcut), it will combine it into one single line, which should resolve your issue. I just noticed that the bottom green line is also 2 segments, so the same would need to be done with that one. All of the others appear to be continuous lines though.

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I just realized that I “solved” the wrong problem. Red/green color blindness didn’t help.

Ah, that’s makes sense now, thanks!

I couldn’t get them to auto-join, but by editing the points I got them to snap into one. Thanks!

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