How to mount camera to avoid shifted image from screen to laser bed - Ortur 2

It is my message to Tanega but I was wondering if any of you may have any idea how to fix my issue of shifted image between what is on bed and what I put in Lightburn. I am getting 3cm difference from screen to real engraved item - not good. I did camera adjustment as should be same with calibration but not to good I think.

Also is there any special camera adjustments inside Lightburn settings that will help with image from camera?

Can I ask you what height your camera is positioned. I mean the difference between bed and bottom side of mounting?
I need to figure out same for my camera which is similar to yours but it is on the side not on dead center and I get much difference between picture on screen and that one on bed of laser to engrave which is very frustrating.

I am using ortur master 2 so bed size is 2 times bigger but hopefully it not makes to much difference. My camera is 115 deg angle. will I need to something like 160 deg?

What would be your thoughts?

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