How to move laser head with keyboard or Pendent


Is there a way to move the laser head within Lightburn, using the keyboard or a pendent control? I am using a cohesion 3d board, running smoothie ware and can not get the number pad arrows to move my head. I have tried with num lock on and off. I hate having to using the mouse to click the move arrows from within lightburn. I am looking for an easier way. Any ideas?


Number pad arrows will jog the laser. NumLock must be on, and you have to click the edit window so it has the keyboard - the edit window is the control that handles the numpad moves.

Oz, thanks for the info, that is what I was missing. I was not moving back to the workspace. Is there no way to have it move continuously, instead of the amount you put in the box?


Not with the keyboard keys at the moment, though that’s a planned addition.

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