How to optimize contour filling?

Hi All,
I have a double-contoiured SVG figure:
When I configure the layer as “line” in preview I see just two contours as expected. I want to use this double-contour to simulate bold line, i’e’ space between contours should be filled.

The problem is: when I switch from “line” to “fill”, the software assumes it should fill the figure using “scan” mode:
As you can see there are a lot of idle (red) moves

I tried “flood”, 30 degree and “fill individually”, it is much better but therer’s still way to improve:

How to configure it so it will move just along the lines? Is it possible in this version at all?
Thank you.

If you want a contoured fill you can make it manually - you’re talking about an offset pocket like CNC machines do, and LightBurn doesn’t have such an option.

Select your lines, open the offset tool, then enable “select output shapes, set an inward offset of 0.1mm or whatever line distance you want. Click ok.

Now, hold the Ctrl key and click the offset button to repeat the last offset type without using the dialog. You can quickly fill your shape this way.

Found another way, maybe will help someone.

Oz’s solution works great when you need high level details. If exact dimensions are not critical - just un-focus the laser (and slow it down if needed), you’ll get much thicker line.

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